Sunday, October 14, 2007

I got hitched!

Yep. So here I am, saying my vows. It is an amazing mind-blowing thing to me that people believe in love enough to make a promise to be completely devoted to one person for the rest of their lives. And it happens all the time. It is such a big, exciting, scary, freeing, exhilirating decision. As terrifying as making a promise about forever when you can't predict the future is, there is an indescribable peace when someone vows to love you with all his heart and be with you no matter what....forever. Marriage, what a beautiful concept. God is good.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lots going on....

ok i dont know if anyone reads this anymore because i'm so slack at posting... lots has happened since my last post. i got engaged on May 31st and I'm getting married September 28th! Wow. Well, just wanted to keep you updated. :) Maybe I'll post more soon, but I only have 4 months to plan a wedding so I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

All guys aren't dogs....just uninformed.

I have decided that I need to teach a class to Christian guys on how to treat ladies. I'm not talking about the open-the-door kind of stuff; I'm talking about the not-breaking-her-heart kind of stuff. And I'm not necessarily set on teaching the class myself, I just think somebody needs to do it and if no one will volunteer then I certainly will because I'm sick of listening to my girl friends upset over how a guy led her on, or got physically involved before emotionally committed, or couldn't communicate with her properly because he didn't want to be uncomfortable. Now, believe me, I know women are complicated creatures, so I'm not putting all the blame on the boys. But I think that the majority have no clue on how a woman works and they need someone to tell them so they quit hurting my friends. Now some of the lessons will be common sense to most of you, but you'd be surprised at the things some guys don't know. For instance, I recently heard a tale of a future pastor dumping a girl through a text message. Come on now. We can do better than this, men of God. Please start to think more about how the girl will feel if you behave a certain way, and, if in doubt as to what message you might be sending, ask another girl. Thanks. Love you guys!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Just wanted to let all of you (5 people) know that I finally got a job after over 6 months of searching. I will be working at Protection & Advocacy for People with Disabilities here in Columbia. I really felt like God wanted me to hold out for a job where I was really helping people, and I think this it exactly what He had in mind. There were a lot of times when I got discouraged, impatient, or wanted to settle, but God is faithful and HE IS GOOD. :) I'll let you know more about exactly what I'll be doing soon. Love you guys!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Okay I think God is great and all, but there are also these exceptional times that something completely unexpected happens and God just blows me away with his incredible timing, infinite wisdom, and amazing plan. I had one of these moments recently.

Some backround information:
A few months ago, I wrote a post on here about a worship service we had at Midtown that really touched me. I described what I had seen, heard, and experienced that night just to share with you guys what was going on in my life, and even more than that, just to get my thoughts in writing so I could reflect on them. One paragraph of the post described a painting I found after the service that really had an impact on me.

Fast forward to a couple of weekends ago:
About 30 of us are sitting around a house in Isle of Palms telling stories about how we have seen Jesus working in our lives and the lives of people around us. A girl named Kate, who I just met earlier that day, begins to tell us about how she has been bringing the girls on her softball team to some church functions in hopes of showing them what Jesus is all about. Kate tells us about one friend in particular who had been having a really tough time after her father died.

Then Kate turns to me and said she had stumbled upon my blog through reading my friends' blogs. She had read the post about the worship service and realized that the painting I had described was done by the friend she had invited to church. Kate decided to copy and paste the paragraph from my blog and email it to her friend. Later that day, her friend called her crying. She told Kate couldn't fathom that someone who didn't even know her would care about her.

As Kate told the story to me and everyone else, I just sat in disbelief. I had no idea who the artist of the painting was when I wrote the post, nor did I ever expect to find out. I most certainly did not believe that she would ever see what I had written about her or know that anything was written at all. I just wrote the post to give me a better understanding of what God had done that night. Completely selfish reasons. And God took that and used a girl I'd never met before to show Jesus to someone who really needed some reassurance and encouragement. Unbelievable.

I went back and reread the post for the first time tonight. I couldn't remember what I wrote 3 months ago, and I wanted to see exactly what this girl had read about herself. Here it goes:

"I was helping clean up the paint station after the service last night. One of the paintings left behind was a picture of a broken heart. Beside the heart it said something like, “I really want to believe in You, but bad things keep happening to me. Prove Yourself!” At the bottom it said, “Tell my Daddy Hi.” I cannot begin to imagine the hardships people around me are facing. I know it is tough to believe in God when there doesn’t seem to be an end to the heartache in sight. But God is faithful. I hope that Midtown will be a place where this person finds a support system and people who really care about her. Most of all I pray that God reveals Himself to the painter of the broken heart."

God, you are so amazing. Thanks for letting me be a part of your work, even when I'm not even trying. :)

Sunday, December 31, 2006


We are now in 2007, and although I have been pondering this for a weeks now, I've decided on my official New Year's resolution. I know this is something I should already have been doing, and I do try, but I'm going to try to be be much more focused on it and intentional about it in 2007. My goal is to really think about how Jesus would love people and to do my best to imitate it.

This topic has been heavy on my heart for several weeks for many reasons. First of all, the temperatures are dropping, and Columbia is full of homeless people. What are all the people who have shelter and warmth doing for those who don't? I worked at an event called Homeless Connect not too long ago. It was held at an emergency shelter, and many vendors were brought in for one day to inform those less fortunate about services that could help them out, such as housing assistance, employment opportunities, mental health services, etc. They also had immediate help offered in wheelchair repair, AIDS screenings, and haircuts, as well as handing out contraceptives, socks, and free food. When I got there at 6:30am the line of homeless were waiting out the door to get into the warmth. I worked at the greeter's table, and watched as several couldn't fill out their information forms right away because their hands were numb from the cold. The vast majority could read and write, which surprised me. Many were war veterans, several were handicapped, and a few looked as ordinary as you and me.

Several of their stories touched me, but one in particular hit me hard. The overwhelming majority of homeless people at the event were African-American. (I think this is more than just coincidence and shows something is still terribly wrong with equality of opportunity in our society.) This middle-aged white man walked in wearing jeans and a Gamecock pullover. He could have easily passed as a volunteer. But then he came up to the information table and asked if he could stay at the shelter that night. He informed us that he had been living in his storage space, but that he didn't think he could make it there any longer with the weather so cold. He was very well-spoken and polite. I told him I would find the man in charge of the facility for him, and he asked me to please hurry because if he missed the bus then he would be late for work. Luckily the facility was able to accomodate him so he wouldn't have to try to survive the night in his storage space. The point of this story is that we never know what the person we pass on the street or in the grocery store is going through. I would have never guessed that this man was homeless and worried about how he was going to survive the night.

The project was a success. Here are some of the stats:
218 homeless individuals participated
80 applications or appointments were made for housing assistance
38 applications or appointments were made for job training programs
13 applications or appointments were made for mental health assistance
58 applications or appointments were made for benefits assistance programs
20 applications or appointments were made for disabilities services
300 pancakes were served
350 hot dogs were served
100+ haircuts were given
2 wheelchairs were repaired

The homeless that participated were asked to fill out exit surveys before they left the event. According to the project director, "The overwhelming majority listed the People/Volunteers as the one thing that they liked best and then went on to write personal comments about how 'friendly, nice, and helpful' you all were." That really hit me. They were given free food and a ton of services, and the thing they liked best was the human contact. The love shown by the volunteers.

I think my first and foremost responsibility, and God's second greatest commandment, is to love my neighbor as myself. I think I have trouble always seeing people as individuals with feelings, needs, and dreams. It is difficult sometimes not to see people in need as a project or to judge them for the circumstances they are in or choices they have made. Then I start to think about it and the only thing that separates me from them is that I happen to have been born into a good home with a great family. God has blessed me and He wants me to use those blessing to go out and help others in need...not to just throw money at them, but to truly love them and let them know people care about them.

The other circumstance that has made me reevaluate whether I try to love as Jesus loved is that recently one of my greatest friends in the world informed me he is homosexual. He had kept this from me for a very long time because he was afraid of how it would affect our friendship. His own brother doesn't even talk to him anymore.

This all happened right after the gay marriage debate in SC. Now I still haven't figured out exactly where I stand on all of this, but I do know it's not as black and white as I once believed. I do not believe that people get to choose what gender they are attracted to. As my friend told me, if this were this case, no one would CHOOSE to be gay because of the social stigma. My heart breaks for people facing this dilemma, as I cannot imagine not being able to love/marry the person of my choosing. I know that God has His reasons and they are infinitely more wise than my own, and I trust that He will gladly explain one day.

What I do know is that a friend should never feel like he can't confide in me because he's afraid I will judge him instead of love him. I do not like how society has made homosexuality such a bigger sin than greed, pride, or lust, or even gossiping and judging. And maybe it's just me, but I have a difficult time picturing Jesus standing in line on election day to vote against gay marriage. I think He would have had more important things to worry about, like loving people and providing for their needs.

In summary, in the new year I would like to quit seeing people as homeless or homosexual or whatever the case may be, and start seeing them all as Jesus would see them and then begin to love them accordingly.

(I understand I may have disagreement on this subject and that's okay because I don't mind additional insight.)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I passed the bar exam.

Yep. Sure did. :) God is way too good to me.